I have this weird affinity for left overs. But this week I think I have gone too far. Because of my overeager/amateur(read: I made enough for 25 people) chili skills and a potluck at work where I tried to impress people with my risotto skills(in my defense, only 1 person in the office had ever […]


I work in an office now. Can you imagine?(Don’t worry, all part of the show) Furthermore, everyone thinks I am the quiet one. That’s kinda funny in lots of ways. My manager actually said he assumes I won’t be building rapport or making small talk with customers… Hahahaha. I think I’m having a good time😂 […]


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So, yeah… things are going really good, in case anyone is wondering. Not to be annoyingly vague, but I don’t want to jinx anything. On a more specific note, I am baking bread for the first time tonight. Reminds me a lot of making beer. If it comes out all Betty Crocker-like, I will be […]


I am playing an assortment of music using my voice accompanied by an acoustic guitar tonight at 7pm at Bert and Ernies here in Great Falls! I am looking forward to playing at one of my favorite places! I leave tomorrow for Missouri so come by and kindly support my gas fund. Seriously, it’s like […]


So I am headed down a musical road that has no road signs. So I, like many, find a role model to learn from. It takes me a while to choose because it’s kind of like dating; we find the most superficial thing to be attracted to, then begin to dig deeper. I look for […]


October 5th, 2006 was the day I bought my first guitar. Then it magically turned into an axe and I a lumberjack. I started swinging. I chopped trees, and busted my knuckles and built a house around me with fallen wood. I only ate pancakes, eggs and bacon with black coffee and spit out bloody […]